Welcome to our order page! Thank you for your interest in our products! We are very happy you stopped by.

We have had a number of difficulties with our online credit card processors due to the current CBD politics. We are 50 state legal and things are changing fast. Thank you for being patient as we figure this stuff out! 🙂


How to order:

1. Send us an email at Celestialseedsllc@gmail.com with: your name, mailing address, the items you would like and any coupon codes you have, your email address, a phone number and your payment preference. 


CBD LOVE – 1oz 200mg $24 ~  2oz 400mg $45 ~ 1oz 500mg $54 ~

2oz 1000mg $99

Colloidal LOVE – 8oz $10 ~ 16oz $20

Copper LOVE – 8oz $7  ~ 16oz $14

2. Pickup options and shipping:

We are currently in Deadwood and can ship orders out during the week. Please allow an entire week for us to get your order processed, packaged and shipped out at the Post Office.

Alternatively, if you are in Eugene or out on the coast, you can find us at the Deadwood Farmers Market Sundays from 10-2pm, located at the Deadwood Market & Gas stop along Hwy 36.

We ship using Priority mail, which costs $6.80-12.80 depending on how many items and the weight. There is a $1 handling fee for orders shipped to help cover our costs of our boxes and tape.


3. Payment options:

If you have a smartphone, you can pay us using the Venmo app. If you have Paypal, we can send you an invoice. You can also mail us a check or a money order. 

Please don’t hesitate to email us at Celestialseedsllc@gmail.com 

 Thank you!