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Frequency, when referring to sound, is the number of cycles or completed alternations per unit time of wave or oscillation. We use a special scalar device to infuse a custom 528hz LOVE frequency set into our CBD LOVE & other products! 

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Our Original Crystal Blend:



SONY DSCis a rare non-crystalline carbon mineral, composed of hollow fullerenes called ‘Buckyballs’. Shungite contains virtually all minerals on the periodic table. It is only found in one small area of northern Russia, where the locals soak in healing pools lined with Shungite. It is at least two billion years old. Shungite helps to restore balance and equilibrium in the body, transform stress, and it absorbs things that are hazardous or toxic to our health, and destroys free radicals, bacteria, viruses, EMF smog, wifi, microwave radiation and pesticides. 



is eleven million years old and originated from a meteorite. It is one of the highest vibrational crystals available for expanding consciousness. It is a wonderful crystal for beginners and experts alike. Moldavite assists you in getting to the root cause of dis-ease. Moldavite is calming to the nerves and senses. It helps to bring the new cosmic LIGHT wave energy into the body. Moldavite assists in connecting you with your HIGHER PURPOSE! 

Golden Healer


is mostly found in Arkansas and Brazil. Golden Healer crystals radiate powerful healing energies, acting as a catalyst for healing the body! Golden Healer prefers to be known as The Golden One, The Divine Messenger, and The One Who Delivers DIVINE FIRE. Golden Healer will assist you with healing yourself, others, and the planet. It is useful for accessing your DEEPEST SELF and expands consciousness. It brings a sense of JOY into ones’ life regardless of current circumstances. 

Blue Apatite


has a cleansing effect on the auric field, most notably with the mental body. It stimulates visionary states and is a good stone for lucid dreaming and astral travel. Can allow one to see the multiple levels of consciousness that are operating harmoniously. It brings forth inspiration and helps to clear and stimulate the third eye chakra. Stimulates inner vision and enhances psychic ability. Has an uplifting energy and enhances eyesight. Good for growth, teeth, and bones. 


Crystal Wraps

We have been busy wrapping new crystal tools to aid you in the transformation of the New Earth! To view and purchase crystal wraps, please check out our Etsy store here.


Learn more about the Russian pyramid technology that we use here.

Alexander Golod’s pyramids


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