RAW humanely harvested honey infused with 98% pure crystalline CBD, our original Crystal Blend*, 528hz Scalar Frequency and Pyramid Power!


The CBD we use is up to 5 times more potent than CBD Oil!

Our CBD is sourced from Organic HEMP grown in Colorado in 2016! We are legal in all 50 states and we will ship to every state!

CBD LOVE comes in 4 strengths:

1 oz 200mg $24, 2 oz 400mg $45,

1 oz 500mg $54, 2 oz 1000mg $99

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CBD LOVE Testimonials:

‘My sciatica was flaring up. I took one dab of the CBD LOVE and within 5 minutes, I no longer noticed the pain, and it was now in the back of my mind. Amazing stuff!’ ~ Michael M.

‘A friend was freaking out this morning after missing her bus. I gave her a dab of CBD LOVE and within 3 minutes she was completely calm and relaxed!!’ ~ M. M.

‘Worked amazing on my two year old daughter who was throwing a fit. Within 5 minutes of applying some to her lips for her to lick off, she immediately was calm and chill again, no more tantrum.’

‘Best natural anti-anxiety remedy I have ever found, hands down!!!’ – W.W.

‘It really helps regulate my nervous system and quiet my mind, physical anxiety relief’

‘Works the best out of everything I have tried!’ – E.A.

Contact us here or send us an email ~ Celestialseedsllc@gmail.com

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